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Alcohol-related crashes cost the public $114.3 billion in 2000

Motorists that regularly drive on Oklahoma roadways may not be aware that police reported 1 million car wrecks due to drivers or pedestrians having a blood alcohol concentration of .01 percent or greater in 2000. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimated that 2,163,210 traffic accidents happened that were not reported to local authorities where alcohol involvement was a factor. Almost 30 people die in accidents like these every single day in America. Every 51 minutes an individual dies from alcohol-related motor vehicle accidents.

Whiplash is a common injury following a rear-end collision

In 2013, there were more than 33,000 injuries from motor vehicle accidents in Oklahoma. It can be estimated that nearly a third of these injuries likely involved whiplash, a type of injury caused by sudden, traumatic motion of the head and neck. This sudden motion can strain or tear ligaments, muscles and tendons of the upper spine, usually in the neck. Sometimes, there is nerve damage or fractured vertebrae.

1 critically injured in car crash at Oklahoma gas station

According to authorities, a car accident that occurred on Dec. 4 in northwest Oklahoma City has left one person in critical condition. The collision happened when a driver crashed through the front of a 7-11 convenience store. When rescuers arrived at the scene, they discovered that the car was completely inside of the gas station.

Alleged drunk driver causes fiery crash in Tulsa

We all know the dangers of drunk driving. After drinking, a person's vision becomes severely impaired, and his or her reaction time becomes significantly slower. Despite the fact that these conditions can put an impaired driver and others on the road in grave danger, some people continue to get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol.

Hit-and-run crash leaves 2 people injured in Tulsa

When you think of the most dangerous types of car accidents, what comes to mind? Maybe you think of a semi-truck accident like the one we discussed last week. Or perhaps any accident involving a motorcycle comes to mind. While both of those scenarios are certainly dangerous, what about hit and runs?

Car swerving around debris causes multi-vehicle crash in Tulsa

Most people in Ponca City and the surrounding area know what it means to drive safe. You obey traffic laws, use a turn signal and avoid distractions among other things. Unfortunately, you cannot control how others choose to drive. When other drivers make poor decisions, they put themselves and others in serious danger.