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Easy ways to spot a drunk driver

Let's face it - drunk driving is a common problem that is not likely to go away soon, despite efforts by lawmakers and other groups to increase sanctions and punishments for driving under the influence. Unfortunately, even if you are driving safely and defensively, individuals who drive drunk have more control over the road than you do because of a blatant disregard for the rules.

Distracted driver has accident, now promoting driver safety

After an accident totaled his car while checking a text message, a former distracted driver is now crusading for laws to ban texting while driving. He avoided serious injury and more severe consequences, and he is now promoting driver safety by encouraging others to put down their phones while behind the wheel. This former distracted driver is making an effort to remind other Oklahoma drivers how dangerous it can be to take their eyes off of the road. 

Alcohol-related crashes cost the public $114.3 billion in 2000

Motorists that regularly drive on Oklahoma roadways may not be aware that police reported 1 million car wrecks due to drivers or pedestrians having a blood alcohol concentration of .01 percent or greater in 2000. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimated that 2,163,210 traffic accidents happened that were not reported to local authorities where alcohol involvement was a factor. Almost 30 people die in accidents like these every single day in America. Every 51 minutes an individual dies from alcohol-related motor vehicle accidents.

Oklahoma State Police crack down on drunk drivers

The holidays are known for fun times with family and friends as people celebrate and ring in a new year. However, it is also a time when car accidents increase, and many of those accidents are alcohol-related. Ponca City readers might have been aware that the Oklahoma Highway Patrol cracked down on catching drunk drivers during the holidays.

Alleged drunk driver causes fiery crash in Tulsa

We all know the dangers of drunk driving. After drinking, a person's vision becomes severely impaired, and his or her reaction time becomes significantly slower. Despite the fact that these conditions can put an impaired driver and others on the road in grave danger, some people continue to get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol.