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The duty of care landowners owe to those on their property

Like many other states, Oklahoma has abolished the traditional distinction between "licensees" and "invitees" on to a piece of property. Now, if a person is on the property of another, whether it is to visit someone's home or patronize a business, then the owner of the property has a duty to use reasonable care to protect them from dangerous conditions on the property.

Failure of businesses to clear snow can cause a slip and fall

As the holidays loom, most people enjoy seeing a light covering of snow. However, when it comes to businesses, their sidewalks, entranceways, and parking areas, allowing a build up of snow could result in injury to their patrons. Snow is slippery in and of itself, but it may conceal a thin layer of ice underneath that increases the risk of a slip and fall accident.

Liability for fire-related injuries on another's property

Slip-and-fall accidents are among the most talked-about premises liability topics. This is probably because they are so common that lawyers like to make sure victims are familiar with the legal aspects of slips or falls. We have discussed these kinds of accidents in our injury blog as well, but today we would like to tackle another premises liability topic: fire on another person's property.

Your slip-and-fall accident may not be your fault

When a person falls and suffers injury, he or she may assume that the incident was caused by a lack of attention, clumsiness or other personal error. In reality, accidents are often caused by factors beyond the victim's control, sometimes even by dangerous property conditions. If you were hurt in a slip-and-fall accident, you could be entitled to full compensation for damages.

Dangerous property condition may have caused your injury

When property conditions are dangerous or poorly maintained, innocent people may suffer. Property owners are responsible for attending to wet, uneven, slippery or hazardous floors in order protect people who visit the property, regardless of whether the property is public or private. If you were hurt in a slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall accident, a dangerous property condition may be to blame. 

Cleaning procedures can lead to a slip-and-fall accident

When an Oklahoma reader falls and suffers an injury in a public place, such as a store or restaurant, he or she may assume that clumsiness is to blame. In reality, a slip-and-fall accident is often the result of dangerous property conditions or negligent maintenance on the part of the property owner. In these types of circumstances, it can be wise to find out if an injury claim is a reasonable option.