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The legality of police sobriety checkpoints in Oklahoma

As many residents of Ponca City and other parts of Oklahoma know, police sometimes set up roadblocks in order to check passing motorists to see if they are too intoxicated to drive. If the police discover some evidence of intoxication during the course of one of these roadblocks, they may do further investigation and, depending on what they find, arrest the driver and ask the local prosecutor to file an OWI charge against him or her.

Factors that can up the severity of drunk driving accusations

There are some decisions that can have reverberations throughout a person's life. Among these are the decisions one makes when one is facing accusations of driving while under the influence. So, how accurate of information a person accused of drunk driving here in Oklahoma has on the rights they have and what options they could pursue as they navigate their case can be of incredible significance. This underscores how important obtaining the representation of a skilled DUI defense lawyer can be when facing such allegations.

Left lane 'hogging' law to soon take effect in Oklahoma

The list of things that are ticketable traffic offenses here in Oklahoma will soon be getting a new addition. Specifically, "hogging" the left lane will be added to this list. This is when a person, rather than quickly using the left lane for things such as passing a vehicle and then leaving it, stays in the left lane for an extended period of time.

Government revenue and traffic citations

Cars can represent different things to different people and organizations. For municipalities here in the U.S., among the things cars can represent is a revenue source. There are a range of different fees and fines cities and towns collect related to motor vehicles. These fees and fines can add up to quite a bit in revenue.

Oklahoma State coach charged with federal white collar crimes

An assistant coach with Oklahoma State's basketball team has been charged with several federal crimes in connection with a corruption scheme that has netted other high profile members of the college basketball world and has brought scandal to the sport.

Negative breath test result? We may be able to help

Even in Ponca City and other parts of Oklahoma some distance from the state's major metropolitan areas, DUI's are fairly common. Even otherwise law-abiding citizens can easily find themselves in the back of a squad car after getting pulled over following an evening of fun.

Many household items can be considered drug paraphernalia

When it comes to drug usage, many illegal substances require additional accessories to get the drug into a person's system. Depending on the drug, these accessories could be something as obvious as a syringe or as unassuming as a plastic zip top bag.