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Constructive possession doctrine might trap the unwary

Many people in Stillwater and Ponca City probably have friends or even relatives who do drugs from time to time. Even though this behavior may be illegal, it's understandable why people may still choose to hang around the people they like, even if they choose to get high.

Former teacher facing serious allegations

A teacher who used to teach at a high school in a town not too far from Ponca City and Stillwater is now facing allegations of statutory rape and also illicit sexting. These allegations stem from an alleged relationship the teacher had with a student at the school where he taught.

Reasons for challenging police searches

Many charges related to drugs on both the state and federal level depend heavily on a police's officers search of the defendant's property. Usually, drug cases will involve a law enforcement's officers reporting that they searched a person, or the person's house or car, and found drugs which seemed to belong to the defendant.

Do you have to take field sobriety tests?

Most people in Ponca City, Oklahoma, probably already are aware, at least somewhat, that in order to keep one's license, one agrees to take a legally sanctioned breath or blood test to check his or her blood alcohol content if a police officer has a well-founded reason, or probable cause, to believe the person was driving drunk.

Overview of administrative suspensions for high BAC

A Ponca City, Oklahoma, resident who is suspected of drunk driving or drugged driving actually has two separate cases which they may have to resolve. The first one, and usually the one most think of, is a criminal case which happens after police and prosecutors determine a person has failed a breath or blood test and thus file DUI charges. A resident will likely need to mount or at least consider a criminal defense to such charges. 

Overview of the Kay County Drug Court program

Like other counties in Oklahoma, Kay County has a Drug Court which residents of Ponca City and the surrounding area can take advantage of should they wind up facing drug possession or other drug-related charges. Drug Court is an attractive option because it can lead to having charges dismissed outright.

Helping Oklahomans deal with drug charges

Lots of Ponca City residents and other Oklahomans, for whatever reason, struggle with drug abuse. The problem is bad enough on its own, but it is compounded when police and prosecutors have caught a person using drugs illegally or having illegal drugs and threaten to impose serious penalties that can really alter a person's life.

Study: When the clocks fall back, assaults increase

Certain times of the year can see increases in certain types of crimes. A recent study points to something that is coming up this weekend typically being the leading edge of such a time when it comes to assault. This is the turning back of the clocks by an hour for the end of daylight saving time. This year, this is occurring on Nov. 5.

Oklahoma tops nation in female incarceration rate

There are many fears a person may have when accused of a crime. Among these are fears that their situation could lead to them having to spend time in jail or prison. Being incarcerated can have major lasting impacts on a person and their family. What options a person accused of a crime would have for trying to avoid facing prison or jail time in their case depends on the circumstances. Skilled attorneys can advise individuals accused of crimes here in Oklahoma of what their particular situation means for what options they have for responding to the charges against them and for fighting to keep their case from resulting in life-altering consequences, such as incarceration.