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Older drivers have higher risk of injuries in a car accident

As a senior citizen, driving is a great way for you to stay independent and mobile. Since 1999, the number of licensed older drivers has increased by about 50 percent, possibly due to the high number of Baby Boomers on the road. Regrettably, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that about 16 seniors are killed and 648 are injured every day on average. The CDC reports that the higher rate is not due to the number of crashes, but due to an increased risk of medical complications because an older driver has health problems which exacerbate injuries in an accident.

Understanding car accidents and brain injury

Car accidents represent one of the most common sources of injury and accidental death in the United States, and every state has a diverse collection of laws designed to help make sure that when an accident occurs, those who are not at fault have access to the resources they need to ensure they get on their feet again. Typically, this is because those who are at fault are held accountable, at least through insurance companies. Even in "no fault" insurance states, extreme negligence and other factors can provide victims with a chance at restitution.

Easy ways to spot a drunk driver

Let's face it - drunk driving is a common problem that is not likely to go away soon, despite efforts by lawmakers and other groups to increase sanctions and punishments for driving under the influence. Unfortunately, even if you are driving safely and defensively, individuals who drive drunk have more control over the road than you do because of a blatant disregard for the rules.

5 fast facts about distracted driving

You know that you want to stay safe while you are on the road, but you can't control the actions of other drivers. On your way home from work, a young driver slammed into your car. That driver doesn't know exactly how the accident occurred. You need medical care and you aren't going to be able to work. This impacts your finances and affects your husband and children. Here are five fast facts about distracted driving you should know.

Delayed signs of internal bleeding in car accidents

No matter how minor or severe a car accident is, it can still be a traumatic event. The human body can only withstand so much trauma before injuries occur. Sometimes these injuries are obvious, and victims quickly get the treatment they need. Other times, injuries are less obvious and symptoms may not manifest for hours or even days after the car accident. Internal bleeding caused by trauma is one such condition and can be life-threatening.