Getting legal help after a slip-and-fall

A previous post on this blog discussed the most common causes of slip-and-fall accidents that might take a person visiting the home or business of another by surprise.

While one hopes that the end result of one of these accidents is simply a bruise and some feelings of embarrassment, in many cases, these types of accidents are quite serious and lead to a person needing ongoing treatment for broken bones or other significant injuries.

In any event though, many of these accidents are entirely preventable by the owner or caretaker of the home or business. For instance, many times a simple warning that a floor is wet or slippery can be enough to stop an Oklahoman from getting hurt because of a fall.

Our law office has over 75 years' experience between its attorneys in representing victims of slip-and-fall accidents and other premises liability claims. We have successfully represented clients who were at dining establishments, malls, cinemas and other performing arts centers and other public buildings who have fallen and gotten hurt. We encourage those who do get hurt while at a business or even one's private home to evaluate their legal options once they get the necessary medical attention and deal with other emergency matters.

We believe that the residents of Ponca City and Stillwater and the surrounding areas should feel entirely safe and comfortable when walking in to another person's home or business. When there is a safety threat, and a person gets hurt as a result, we work hard to investigate the facts of the case and to hold those responsible financially accountable for the accident so that our injured clients get compensation for things like medical bills and lost wages.

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