Any Oklahoman can be charged with a crime

Some people in Ponca City and Stillwater who have had the blessings of living a prosperous life with a lot of opportunities may have the stereotypical image of a criminal as someone who is usually penniless, jobless, without education and strung out on drugs.

In reality, though, anyone can find himself or herself facing criminal charges, no matter what their background is. The truth of the matter is that state can and does file charges against people whom society thinks of as well-educated and having it together, and previous posts on this blog allude to this fact.

Moreover, as the college students in Stillwater probably recognize, it is quite easy to wind up in court facing serious charges for drugs, drunk driving and other incidents that are more common on college campuses like Oklahoma State. While some of these students had difficult circumstances growing up, many did not.

Just as anyone can be charged with a crime, however, so too is it true that everyone, no matter their means, is entitled to a criminal defense.

Our law office represents people from all different walks of life with equal zeal and sensitivity. We are particularly sensitive to those who might not be familiar with the criminal justice system but who may have something like a good-paying job or a professional license on the line because of a criminal allegation.

We have helped all kinds of clients deal with a wide range of criminal charges successfully through our thorough investigation of criminal cases and our passionate and well-prepared arguments either in the courtroom or at the negotiation table.

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