Premises liability claims for work-related injuries

When an Oklahoma resident thinks of a premises liability case, he or she might first think of a customer going in to a Stillwater or Ponca City business and getting hurt. Or, one might think of a person's houseguest slipping on an icy patio or otherwise tripping and falling on the property.

However, many different people enter Oklahoma homes and businesses for a variety of reasons, including those related to work. Common examples would be a repair person coming in to a home to fix something or a supplier coming in to a business to re-stock food or some other item.

Should they get hurt while on the premises due to a property-related danger or defect, these workers have a right to pursue compensation from the property owner. If they can prove that the owner did not meet its responsibility to the worker who came on to the property to keep the property safe and secure.

These workers may also have access to workers' compensation benefit through their employers. However, while these benefits are certainly helpful, especially with respect to medical bills, they may not cover all of an employee's lost wages and will definitely not compensate for a person's non-economic losses like their pain and suffering.

Fortunately, while they may have to offset whatever they collect from workers' compensation, a worker can still sue the property owner under a theory of what is called third party liability if the property owner was negligent. Doing so may help the worker recover all of their losses and therefore be better able to move on with his or her life.

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