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Former teacher facing serious allegations

A teacher who used to teach at a high school in a town not too far from Ponca City and Stillwater is now facing allegations of statutory rape and also illicit sexting. These allegations stem from an alleged relationship the teacher had with a student at the school where he taught.

Premises liability claims for work-related injuries

When an Oklahoma resident thinks of a premises liability case, he or she might first think of a customer going in to a Stillwater or Ponca City business and getting hurt. Or, one might think of a person's houseguest slipping on an icy patio or otherwise tripping and falling on the property.

Writing bad checks can really cost you

Imagine going to your favorite store in Ponca City. You pick up a few things and head for the check out. When the cashier rings up your items, you realize that you do not have quite enough cash on you. Fortunately, you have your checkbook. Unfortunately, you have a low bank balance, but you are sure that your next paycheck will process before the check bounces. You write the check, grab your items and head home. A few days later, you find out that the check did not clear your bank and now you have a problem.

Reasons for challenging police searches

Many charges related to drugs on both the state and federal level depend heavily on a police's officers search of the defendant's property. Usually, drug cases will involve a law enforcement's officers reporting that they searched a person, or the person's house or car, and found drugs which seemed to belong to the defendant.

Why violations of federal trucking regulations matter to victims

As this blog has mentioned, many truck drivers who travel through and around the Ponca City, Oklahoma, area have to follow federal trucking regulations given the nature of their business. Most of these regulations in some pertain to keeping both commercial vehicles drivers and other motorists safe.

DUI stops, Breathalyzer tests and implied consent

The notion of "implied consent" refers to the fact that you can get in immediate trouble with the law if you refuse to submit to a Breathalyzer test. The notion of "implied consent" refers to the fact that, by the act of having a drivers' license and getting behind the wheel of an automobile, you have agreed to submit to a breath test when an officer requests it.

Do you have to take field sobriety tests?

Most people in Ponca City, Oklahoma, probably already are aware, at least somewhat, that in order to keep one's license, one agrees to take a legally sanctioned breath or blood test to check his or her blood alcohol content if a police officer has a well-founded reason, or probable cause, to believe the person was driving drunk.