Helping Oklahomans deal with drug charges

Lots of Ponca City residents and other Oklahomans, for whatever reason, struggle with drug abuse. The problem is bad enough on its own, but it is compounded when police and prosecutors have caught a person using drugs illegally or having illegal drugs and threaten to impose serious penalties that can really alter a person's life.

In other cases, a person may find himself or herself falsely accused of a drug crime or being swept in to a prosecution when the reality is they were in the wrong place with the wrong people at the wrong time. On a related point, there are others who have been victims of police overreaching, as it is an unfortunate fact that sometimes, in their zeal to pursue drug crimes, police act without a warrant or otherwise outside the law.

For whatever reason a person winds up facing a drug charge, that person likely is going to want the legal assistance of an experienced Oklahoma criminal defense attorney, such as the professionals who work at our law office.

As with all of our criminal cases, our office focuses on immediately developing a strong criminal defense strategy at the outset of the case. This approach keeps our eyes toward the possibility of a trial, an option which, as seasoned attorneys in the courtroom, we are not afraid to encourage our clients to exercise if that is in their best interest. It also strengthens our clients' negotiating position should they instead elect to work out a plea deal.

Any type of drug charge is scary, but sound legal advice and a good defense can go a long way in helping people get a dark moment in their lives behind them. We are eager to provide these services to our clients in both our Ponca City and Stillwater law offices.

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