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Overview of administrative suspensions for high BAC

A Ponca City, Oklahoma, resident who is suspected of drunk driving or drugged driving actually has two separate cases which they may have to resolve. The first one, and usually the one most think of, is a criminal case which happens after police and prosecutors determine a person has failed a breath or blood test and thus file DUI charges. A resident will likely need to mount or at least consider a criminal defense to such charges. 

Overview of the Kay County Drug Court program

Like other counties in Oklahoma, Kay County has a Drug Court which residents of Ponca City and the surrounding area can take advantage of should they wind up facing drug possession or other drug-related charges. Drug Court is an attractive option because it can lead to having charges dismissed outright.

Taking steps to get back into the social scene after divorce

As a married person, you likely spent most of your social time with your spouse. You likely had the same circle of friends and attended the same events. Now that you are single, you have to work toward getting back into the social scene without having your spouse there with you.

When misdiagnosis of a fatal condition is malpractice

Many residents of Oklahoma probably recognize that medicine is not an exact science. Despite amazing advances in technology, diagnosing someone's medical condition still involves a doctor's engaging in a certain amount of guesswork. What this means is that from time to time, the doctor is going to be wrong.

DUI penalties in Oklahoma can derail your future

Motor vehicles are incredible tools that make modern life simpler. Their use also results in thousands of deaths and severe injuries every year. In order to reduce the potential for severe crashes, the government has placed restrictions on when and how people can drive. Some of the most harshly enforced driving rules are the ones that deal with drug or alcohol impairment behind the wheel.

Helping Oklahomans deal with drug charges

Lots of Ponca City residents and other Oklahomans, for whatever reason, struggle with drug abuse. The problem is bad enough on its own, but it is compounded when police and prosecutors have caught a person using drugs illegally or having illegal drugs and threaten to impose serious penalties that can really alter a person's life.

Study: When the clocks fall back, assaults increase

Certain times of the year can see increases in certain types of crimes. A recent study points to something that is coming up this weekend typically being the leading edge of such a time when it comes to assault. This is the turning back of the clocks by an hour for the end of daylight saving time. This year, this is occurring on Nov. 5.