Oklahoma tops nation in female incarceration rate

There are many fears a person may have when accused of a crime. Among these are fears that their situation could lead to them having to spend time in jail or prison. Being incarcerated can have major lasting impacts on a person and their family. What options a person accused of a crime would have for trying to avoid facing prison or jail time in their case depends on the circumstances. Skilled attorneys can advise individuals accused of crimes here in Oklahoma of what their particular situation means for what options they have for responding to the charges against them and for fighting to keep their case from resulting in life-altering consequences, such as incarceration.

Given how impactful incarceration is, what a state's incarceration rates are is a significant issue. One area in which Oklahoma has been seeing very high incarceration rates is in the incarceration of women. This can be seen in government statistics noted in a recent Reveal article.

According to this data, Oklahoma's female incarceration rate is 151 incarcerated per every 100,000 women. This is the highest rate in the country. It is over twice the national rate.

The statistics also indicate that the state has been seeing an increase in the imprisoning of women over around the past quarter of a century. The state's female incarceration rate increased more than two-fold between 1990 and 2015. Over this time, Oklahoma has consistently held the top spot in the nation for female imprisonment.

Other things the statistics point to regarding Oklahoma include that:

  • Black women and Native American women make up a much larger percentage of the state's incarcerated population than they do of the state's general population.
  • Drug possession is the top reason for incarceration among women in Oklahoma.
  • Female incarceration rates vary greatly in different regions of the state.

The high female imprisonment rates in Oklahoma raise many questions. This includes questions regarding:

  • What is causing the rates to be so high.
  • What impacts these high rates are having in the state.
  • Whether the state's criminal justice systems needs reform.

In your opinion, what should the state be doing in response to the current high female imprisonment rates?

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