Oklahoma State coach charged with federal white collar crimes

An assistant coach with Oklahoma State's basketball team has been charged with several federal crimes in connection with a corruption scheme that has netted other high profile members of the college basketball world and has brought scandal to the sport.

The bases of the allegation are that these coaches facilitated bribes to get certain top high school players either to attend the schools they represented or do other things that favored particular businesses. Furthermore, according to investigators, the coach also had received federal money through a grant or other benefit.

Between the coach and other alleged criminals, the federal government has filed 11 criminal charges. Each one of these charges is serious and could carry long term consequences for the coach and others accused of being involved in this alleged scheme. The consequences can include significant fines, lengthy jail terms and strict supervised release or parole. Moreover, these charges will no doubt affect the professional reputation of the coach and could mean that he will not be able to find a job.

Given the seriousness of these charges, the coach who has been accused will likely consider preparing a vigorous defense. Doing so, however, can be very difficult, particularly when one is up against the vast resources of the FBI and the United States Attorney's Office.

A seasoned criminal defense attorney will likely be helpful to the coach as he evaluates his options and makes his decision on how to best handle this case. If necessary, this attorney can also conduct his or her own investigation in to the facts and prepare to zealously advocate for his or her client's rights during a trial.

Source: Sports Illustrated, "Four college assistant coaches charged in corruption scheme," Scooby Axson, Sept. 26, 2017.

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