Factors that can up the severity of drunk driving accusations

There are some decisions that can have reverberations throughout a person's life. Among these are the decisions one makes when one is facing accusations of driving while under the influence. So, how accurate of information a person accused of drunk driving here in Oklahoma has on the rights they have and what options they could pursue as they navigate their case can be of incredible significance. This underscores how important obtaining the representation of a skilled DUI defense lawyer can be when facing such allegations.

Among the things that make facing DWI charges such a potentially life-altering experience are the significant penalties a conviction on such charges can carry. These penalties can impact many things, including a person's freedom, professional life, financial situation, driver's license status and personal relationships.

Now, while any DUI allegation has the potential to have major ramifications for a person, some accusations can ratchet the severity of the situation up even higher. This is because the potential penalties for a conviction are not the same for all DWI allegations.

Rather, some DUI offenses carry increased penalties. Some examples of some such offenses that hold this status here in Oklahoma are:

  • Repeat offenses.
  • DUIs in which the driver was 18 or over and had a passenger that was under 18.
  • DUIs in which a driver's BAC was 0.15 percent or higher (this is known as aggravated DUI).

So, what exactly is at stake for a person facing drunk driving accusations in the state heavily depends on the nature of the allegations against them.

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