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If the accident was my fault, can I get workers' compensation?

Like the other states, Oklahoma's workers' compensation system is a no-fault system. What this means is that, even if an injured worker in or around Ponca City, Oklahoma, could have prevented his or her own injury with a little more care or even if he or she outright violated a company rule, an Oklahoma employer is still supposed to pay workers' compensation benefits.

Oklahoma tops nation in female incarceration rate

There are many fears a person may have when accused of a crime. Among these are fears that their situation could lead to them having to spend time in jail or prison. Being incarcerated can have major lasting impacts on a person and their family. What options a person accused of a crime would have for trying to avoid facing prison or jail time in their case depends on the circumstances. Skilled attorneys can advise individuals accused of crimes here in Oklahoma of what their particular situation means for what options they have for responding to the charges against them and for fighting to keep their case from resulting in life-altering consequences, such as incarceration.

The legality of police sobriety checkpoints in Oklahoma

As many residents of Ponca City and other parts of Oklahoma know, police sometimes set up roadblocks in order to check passing motorists to see if they are too intoxicated to drive. If the police discover some evidence of intoxication during the course of one of these roadblocks, they may do further investigation and, depending on what they find, arrest the driver and ask the local prosecutor to file an OWI charge against him or her.

Factors that can up the severity of drunk driving accusations

There are some decisions that can have reverberations throughout a person's life. Among these are the decisions one makes when one is facing accusations of driving while under the influence. So, how accurate of information a person accused of drunk driving here in Oklahoma has on the rights they have and what options they could pursue as they navigate their case can be of incredible significance. This underscores how important obtaining the representation of a skilled DUI defense lawyer can be when facing such allegations.

Before filing for divorce, take these steps to prepare

When you make the decision to file for a divorce, you may be wondering when you should start the process. Perhaps you think it will be easier on your children to wait for the school year to end. Or, maybe there is a family event coming up that you do not want to spoil. While these reasons are acceptable, you definitely should not file for divorce until you are fully prepared.

The duty of care landowners owe to those on their property

Like many other states, Oklahoma has abolished the traditional distinction between "licensees" and "invitees" on to a piece of property. Now, if a person is on the property of another, whether it is to visit someone's home or patronize a business, then the owner of the property has a duty to use reasonable care to protect them from dangerous conditions on the property.

Left lane 'hogging' law to soon take effect in Oklahoma

The list of things that are ticketable traffic offenses here in Oklahoma will soon be getting a new addition. Specifically, "hogging" the left lane will be added to this list. This is when a person, rather than quickly using the left lane for things such as passing a vehicle and then leaving it, stays in the left lane for an extended period of time.

Government revenue and traffic citations

Cars can represent different things to different people and organizations. For municipalities here in the U.S., among the things cars can represent is a revenue source. There are a range of different fees and fines cities and towns collect related to motor vehicles. These fees and fines can add up to quite a bit in revenue.

Oklahoma State coach charged with federal white collar crimes

An assistant coach with Oklahoma State's basketball team has been charged with several federal crimes in connection with a corruption scheme that has netted other high profile members of the college basketball world and has brought scandal to the sport.