Parents arrested in connection with child's death

It is every parent's worst nightmare to have one of their children die, particularly when the death is sudden and completely unexpected. However, what makes this nightmare scenario even worse is when, after an accident or an unexplained death, the parents are eyed with suspicion, as if they were the ones at fault.

Two young people in Oklahoma have been arrested and charged with murder following the death of the woman's two-year-old daughter. The other person arrested was described as the mom's boyfriend; however, the exact nature of his relationship to the child is not clear.

Police claim that the child was brought to the hospital experiencing head trauma that doctors and authorities concluded was not accidental. Despite efforts to save the girl's life, she died because of her injuries.

Both the woman and the boyfriend are looking at murder conviction which would likely land them in jail for the rest of their lives or at least a good portion of their lives. They are no doubt going to need a strong criminal defense against these charges since the consequences are so severe. Although not every detail in this story is clear, what is clear is that both of these people have the right to tell their version of events.

For instance, although the child clearly got severely injured, the couple may be able to point out that it is hard to know who exactly caused these injuries and how exactly they happened. They may choose to try to explain that they are not responsible for the girl's death. Other defenses and options may be available to them as well.

No parent wants to lose a child, and Oklahoma parents really do not want to go through the death of a child while at the same time being accused of causing the tragedy. Even at the early stages of an investigation in to an unexplained injury to a child, legal help is available.

Source: News 4, "Mom, boyfriend arrested in 2-year-old Shawnee child's death, " Dallas Franklin, Sept. 5, 2017

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