New DUI database being used in Oklahoma

Some police agencies in Oklahoma are starting to use a new tool in their drunk driving enforcement efforts. This tool is a DUI database.

The database contains information on DUIs and DUI arrests in Oklahoma. The idea is for police departments in the state and their officers to have a resource where they can look up the DUI history of individuals. The database is also being used to create a map of where the point of last drink was for the drivers in the database.

There are a variety of purposes police could use the information from this database for, including informing their decisions regarding:

  • Repeat DUI enforcement efforts.
  • What preventative outreach measures to conduct.
  • Where to have targeted enforcement efforts.

One wonders what implications use of this tool will ultimately have for DUI enforcement efforts in the state. What police in the state do regarding DUI enforcement can have many impacts. This includes impacts on what sorts of situations are particularly likely to lead to a person facing drunk driving allegations and what kinds of issues are present for individuals who are facing DUI charges in relation to the enforcement efforts of police.

Another notable thing about the new DUI database is where some of the funding for it is coming from. Currently, among the things being convicted of DUI in Oklahoma triggers for a person is being given a $15 penalty that is to go towards the upkeep of the database.

As this illustrates, there are a range of different economic consequences a drunk driving conviction can have for a person. Now, some of these consequences, such as a $15 penalty, might seem small and not very impactful. However, when you add up all the different financial ramifications a DUI conviction can subject a person to, the total amount can reach a very impactful level indeed. So, their financial well-being is among the things that can be at stake when a person is accused of drunk driving in Oklahoma.

Source: News9, "New Oklahoma DUI Database Helps Police Track Offenders," Marty Kasper, Aug. 29, 2017

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