Is there any type of work accident I can't get compensation for?

As many readers of this blog recognize already, Oklahoma's workers' compensation system is considered no fault, meaning that if a Ponca City worker gets hurt on the job, then he or she can get help with medical expenses and income replacement even if he or she is partially or even almost completely responsible for an accident.

However, there are some notable exceptions to this general no fault rule. For one, although not an exception in the strict sense of the word, a worker has to actually be on the job in order to be able to collect workers' compensation benefit. So, a worker who happens to slip and fall on the way in to work may not be eligible for compensation.

Looking at this from another angle, a worker cannot claim benefits for an injury he or she suffered somewhere else, unless he or she can show that the injury got worse because of his or her work.

Likewise, in Oklahoma, a worker who is hurt while on a break may not be able to get compensation except in limited circumstances. For one, the employer must have given permission, or at least acquiesced to, the employee's decision to take a break. Also, the injury has to happen on the employer's property.

There are other, less common exceptions which apply. For instance, a worker who gets hurt while under the influence of alcohol or drugs may not be eligible for compensation, even if he or she was clearly hurt while on the job. One should be particularly careful about this exception, since any positive drug test will imply a person was intoxicated, even if such is not really the case.

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