Tips for employers to protect workers from falls

Slipping or stumbling and then falling is one of the common reasons Ponca City, Oklahoma workers get hurt at work, and thus have to submit workers' compensation claims. Although employers in Oklahoma cannot prevent every work-related accident, the good news is that they can with several strategies reduce the likelihood that a worker will fall and get hurt while on the job.

In many cases, these tips also protect visitors to the business such as customers or vendors. For instance, one tip that applies across the board to employees and non-employees alike is to keep the walkways clean and well maintained. Moreover, adequate lighting so that people can see where they are going is also important. If there is a hazardous condition that could cause someone to fall, the employer should make it with a sign or other clear warning.

Other tips apply more specifically to a company's employees. For instance, a company may want to consider implementing a policy about what sort of footwear is and is not acceptable for work, as some types of shoes, such as high heels or dress shoes with no treads, can make it harder for someone to keep his or her balance. On a related point, a company should make sure that their ladders and step stools are in proper working order and that employees know how to use them.

Oklahoma is a no-fault workers' compensation state, meaning a company cannot refuse to pay an employee after a fall simply because the employee could have prevented it. This means that employers have the burden of preventing falls at work with appropriate safety measures. By following these and other tips, employers can better protect their workers.

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