How strict is Oklahoma in its drunk driving laws?

Each person accused of DUI is in a different situation. One reason for this is that what consequences a person accused of drunk driving could face is affected by a range of factors.

One thing that can have a big effect on what situation a person accused of drunk driving is in is what state they are in. DUI laws different from state to state. A recent WalletHub report suggests that being accused of DUI can be an especially serious matter here in Oklahoma. The report points to the state having some of the country's strictest DUI laws.

In the report's rankings for strictest states when it comes to DUI, Oklahoma tied for the No. 4 spot.

Another thing that can impact what potential consequences a person accused of drunk driving is facing is whether they have past DUI offenses on their record. Repeat offenses can trigger more severe penalties than first-time offenses. However, the law can still be tough on those convicted of a first offense. The report points to this particularly being the case here in Oklahoma. The report put Oklahoma's rules regarding the minimum jail term for a first-time conviction on DUI charges as the nation's strictest.

The strict nature of Oklahoma drunk driving laws can raise some special concerns and issues for individuals accused of DUI in the state. This is the case both for individuals facing accusations of a first-time offense and those facing accusations of a repeat offense. Attorneys skilled in DUI defense in Oklahoma can help drunk driving suspects with protecting their rights and best interests in the face of Oklahoma's tough DUI laws.

Source: Bartlesville Radio, "Oklahoma Among Most Strict Against Drunk Driving," Ben Nicholas, Aug. 10, 2017

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