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Don't underestimate the seriousness of misdemeanor charges

When a person is facing criminal charges, underestimating the potential consequences they could face could lead to truly costly mistakes. One class of charge that people might be prone to underestimating the seriousness of are misdemeanor charges.

Tips for employers to protect workers from falls

Slipping or stumbling and then falling is one of the common reasons Ponca City, Oklahoma workers get hurt at work, and thus have to submit workers' compensation claims. Although employers in Oklahoma cannot prevent every work-related accident, the good news is that they can with several strategies reduce the likelihood that a worker will fall and get hurt while on the job.

Garbage workers can face dangers when out on their routes

Their job might not be the most glamorous in the world, but garbage workers perform some very important services in our communities. Unfortunately, such workers sometimes face significant dangers when out performing such services. Such dangers sometimes even prove deadly.

Is marijuana legal in Oklahoma?

Watching the news as it relates to marijuana these days can get confusing. For example, the substance is legal for recreational use in California, Alaska, Colorado, Nevada and Washington. In other states, it's just legal for medical purposes -- and sometimes these medical purposes are highly restricted to just a few conditions.