Fight drug charges to protect your child’s future

Here in northern Oklahoma, drug charges are no laughing matter. Both legally and socially, if your child faces drug charges, they face many doors potentially closing in the future. As a parent, you have the right to determine how to aid or care for your child, and the independent spirit that flourishes here in Sooner country often entails tough love.

However, parenting style has no bearing on the harsh severity of Oklahoma drug crime sentences, and if your child recently received charges, he or she may see one's entire life evaporate because of a foolish error.

Even if you believe your child deserved the charges, they almost certainly do not deserve the consequences. Very few areas of law display disproportionate sentencing between a crime and its punishment like drug possession charges.

A drug conviction is a handicap at living a productive, clean life

Let's assume that your child does not fight the charges, and through some miracle he receives a conviction but somehow does not receive a sentence including jail time. No harm, no foul, right?

Not remotely.

Even without serving jail time, your child's options to lead a healthy, productive life and take advantage of many normal opportunities already evaporated, or at the very least decreased.

Your child may face expensive fines right out of the gate. But, the bad news doesn't stop there.

Is your child is a student in college using any state or federal-level financial aid? Drug convictions often disqualify individuals from government scholarships, making it very difficult to continue an education and pursue a productive life.

Do you want your child to move out of the house and get a job? Many employers, specifically those who offer livable wages and benefits, simply pass right over the job applications of drug offenders. Similarly, many rental properties maintain strict no-drug-offenders leasing policies (which are legal, by the way).

The practical reality that this implies for many individuals who receive drug convictions is that they must settle for undesirable employment that pays less than they deserve and offers few benefits. While it is true that this is still a job, these employers understand that they are a beacon of hope to workers trapped outside of the good jobs because of their criminal records.

Furthermore, drug convictions create much greater difficulty finding good housing opportunities, often leaving drug offenders living at home or renting from someone they know. Properties that do rent to individuals with drug convictions often act as magnets to those who have them, which can create an environment that promotes further foolish choices.

These are only some of the ways that a drug conviction can derail a life. Whether you believe your child is guilty or innocent of the charges, they almost certainly do not deserve to pay for a mistake through poor wages, unaffordable education and difficulty finding housing for years to come.

Don't wait to fight for your child's future

If you are ready to help your child fight for a future, don't wait until tomorrow to begin. Every day that your child does not create and implement a strong legal defense is a day that the state has to build a stronger case.

With proper legal guidance from an experienced, aggressive attorney who believes in people's rights to freedom and fairness, you can help protect your child's rights and future.


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