Why consulting an attorney after a truck accident is crucial

Imagine you are going about your day when suddenly you get a phone call telling you that your loved one was in an accident with a truck and is in the hospital. Suddenly your life is flipped upside down and you do not know what to do next. Truck accidents are often severe or fatal and they can get especially complicated in the weeks or months to follow. Here is how an attorney can help after a truck accident occurs.

1. You may need compensation to cover damages and medical bills.

After checking on your loved one, it is wise to evaluate your financial situation and consider filing a personal injury claim. You will most likely be swamped with medical and car repair bills soon, as well as lost income if your spouse was injured and cannot work for a while.

However, pursuing a claim without legal advice or representation is difficult, especially in a truck accident case. On top of that, legal matters are probably the last thing on your mind at the moment. An attorney can take care of the legal side of your situation to help your family financially while you help your loved one recover.

2. Proving fault in a truck accident is complicated.

If you are pursuing a claim, it is probably not advisable to go it alone. Whereas fault in car accidents is usually assigned to one or more drivers, truck accidents can involve many outside parties. The truck driver, the driver's company, the manufacturer of the truck's parts and more could hold fault in what happened. However, trying to prove this is a complex matter. An attorney can navigate the details of the situation and use their legal expertise to hold the proper parties responsible.

3. Insurance companies are working against you.

Despite what we would like to believe, insurance companies do not really have our backs. Insurance agents are trained to make offers below what victims actually need because that means more profit for the company. If you speak to your insurer without consulting an attorney for legal advice first, you may unknowingly say something or give information that could hurt your case later. You also should not accept an offer from them until you have a better understanding of what coverage and compensation you deserve in your situation.

Trucking companies will already have their own attorneys to protect their interests when accidents like this occur. It is only fair for those on the other end of the accident to have sound legal guidance as well. If you or a loved one is injured in a truck accident, consider meeting with an attorney about the best course of action.

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