Understanding car accidents and brain injury

Car accidents represent one of the most common sources of injury and accidental death in the United States, and every state has a diverse collection of laws designed to help make sure that when an accident occurs, those who are not at fault have access to the resources they need to ensure they get on their feet again. Typically, this is because those who are at fault are held accountable, at least through insurance companies. Even in "no fault" insurance states, extreme negligence and other factors can provide victims with a chance at restitution.

That can be more difficult for victims of brain injury, however. That is because brain injuries are not as well understood as most other forms of trauma, and new approaches for dealing with their long-term consequences are still being developed. Here is what you need to understand about brain injuries that are related to car accidents.

Facts about car accident brain injuries

Traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs, are most often caused by falls and vehicle accidents. Here are some more facts that everyone should know:

  • An estimated 286,000 car accident-related TBIs happen annually.
  • Injuries can be "open" or "closed," referring to whether there is an open wound.
  • "Closed" brain injuries can be difficult to spot if one does not know the symptoms.
  • Even low-speed accidents can cause traumatic brain injury.
  • There are treatments for the short and medium-term effects, but no absolute cure is known for the long-term effects.

What this means for accident victims

Since traumatic brain injuries are relatively common in car accidents and under-treated, it is very important that anyone who has received a blow to the head during an accident be evaluated. That way, if they are hurt, they can receive prompt medical attention. While there are no therapies or treatments known to completely cure the long-term effects of TBIs, the immediate trauma care patients receive and the rehabilitative services they access have a huge impact on their outcomes.

If you have been in a car accident that left you with a brain injury, you may have a case for compensation that will help cover your lost wages, medical expenses and rehabilitation. The only way to know is to get competent legal advice from an accident attorney with experience. Then, you will be able to tell whether it is worthwhile to move forward with a case. If you have been injured in an accident recently and you are facing the long road to recovery that comes with TBIs, then you need to contact an attorney right away.

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