Is there anything truckers can do to avoid becoming tired?

It is safe to assume that truckers want to avoid truck accidents just as much as other motorists do. After all, they, too, could become injured, which would lead to medical expenses and missed work. It is also safe to assume that truck drivers do not want to be responsible for injuring other people.

Most people drive only for short periods of time when they travel to and from work or run errands. Truckers, on the other hand, must often drive for many hours at a time. As such, it could be said that truck drivers should work even harder to avoid becoming overtired while driving. Of course, the first and perhaps best way to do so is by following the nation's trucking regulations.

Additionally, there are things a trucker can do on a personal level to avoid fatigue and prepare for a long stint behind the wheel of a semi truck. Truckers who commit to following the steps below could reduce tiredness and minimize the volume of car accidents in Oklahoma and beyond.

-- Get fit: Eating well and exercising regularly could have a significant effect on a truck driver's level of fatigue.

-- Avoid or reduce alcohol, tobacco and caffeine: These substances often have an unpredictable effect on a person's fatigue levels.

-- Improve sleep quality: Getting the right amount of sleep on off-hours improves restfulness and can help a truck driver remain alert while driving.

-- Strive for relaxation: Engaging in relaxing activities during down time may improve a truck driver's emotional state, overall restfulness and tension levels.

Truck drivers have a stressful and exhausting job, but they still have a duty to practice safety just like everyone else. For those who have been injured in a truck accident, you might consider consulting with a personal injury attorney in your area.

Source: Amerisafe, "Preventing Truck Driver Fatigue and Accidents," accessed Dec. 12, 2016

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