How do transportation companies cause accidents?

A semi-truck accident with a passenger vehicle can be extremely catastrophic. Giant 18-wheelers are heavy, slow moving, cumbersome and slow to stop. The difficulty involved with maneuvering them makes them prone to crashes and the crushing weight of the vehicles means that they will leave behind catastrophic damages whenever a crash occurs.

Many Oklahoma drivers who have 9 to 5 jobs and make their Monday through Friday commutes to work face the danger of sharing the roadway with these giant trucks every single day. Some of these drivers have even been injured in an accident.

Because big trucks are so dangerous in this regard, transportation companies must be extremely cautious to take every effort to prevent accidents from happening. One way to prevent these accidents is for truck companies to educate themselves on some of the most common ways that semi-truck accidents occur.

Common ways that truck accidents occur

Establishing fault in a truck accident may be difficult, and sometimes police officers who investigate a truck accident scene don't get it right. This is why those injured in truck crashes may want to have an accident reconstruction expert review the facts surrounding their crashes to know for sure how the collision happened and what party is to blame.

The following scenarios are some of the ways that truck companies cause crashes:

  • Failure to train drivers appropriately: Truck drivers must be trained on safe driving techniques, educated about truck safety concerns, and they need to learn defensive driving tactics. Failure to appropriately train a truck driver in these areas could mean that the driver is ill-equipped to avoid and/or prevent a truck accident. Accidents that happen due to an inadequately trained driver could be the fault of the truck company that employed the driver.
  • Compensating drivers in a way that encourages risky driving behavior: It is not uncommon for truck companies to reward drivers who make deliveries faster. This can result in drivers operating their vehicles at faster than safe speeds. It could also cause them to drive for longer periods of time without adequate rest. Speeding and sleep deprivation are some of the most common culprits that contribute to catastrophic truck crashes. Companies that reward drivers for such behavior may be liable in court for accidents, injuries and deaths that result.
  • Unrealistic expectations and schedules: Beyond the problem of rewarding drivers for engaging in risky behavior, some companies create unrealistic expectations for driver performance and unrealistic work schedules. This can create safety risks because it also encourages longer work times without rest and encourages drivers to hurry and speed.

Big rig drivers are some of the safest on the road

Commercial truck and semi-truck drivers are some of the most patient and skilled drivers on the road. However, when a transportation company creates policies that encourage unsafe driving and neglects to train their drivers in safety techniques, serious, injurious and catastrophic truck accidents can happen. Ponka City, Oklahoma, residents who have been injured in such accidents may be able to seek financial compensation for their injuries and the costs associated with their medical care in court.

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