Failure of businesses to clear snow can cause a slip and fall

As the holidays loom, most people enjoy seeing a light covering of snow. However, when it comes to businesses, their sidewalks, entranceways, and parking areas, allowing a build up of snow could result in injury to their patrons. Snow is slippery in and of itself, but it may conceal a thin layer of ice underneath that increases the risk of a slip and fall accident.

Did you slip and fall while holiday shopping?

The last few weeks of the year are often packed with parties and last minute shopping. It's relatively common for people in a hurry to be somewhat more prone to accidents. Compound that with slippery snow and ice in a high traffic area, and you have a recipe for a serious slip and fall injury. Most people aren't going to walk like a penguin on their way into a store or restaurant, nor should they have to. Businesses that want people to patronize them during the winter months should be very careful about protecting their customers from slippery conditions.

Unfortunately, many businesses don't adequately remove snow and ice from their outside spaces or entranceways. If you were injured because an Oklahoma business failed to maintain safe conditions, you deserve the peace of mind that comes from knowing the resulting medical bills will be covered.

Slip and fall accidents can have severe consequences

While most people who slip and fall suffer only mild bruising, the severity of the fall and pre-existing medical conditions can make a slip and fall catastrophic. From broken bones and reduced mobility to torn ligaments and even head injuries, slip and fall accidents can cause serious injury. Sometimes, a seemingly minor trauma or easily set broken bone can result in Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. CRPS can cause ongoing pain and sensitivity beyond what the injury should have caused. It can be a lifetime affliction and can impact your ability to work or enjoy your life.

Don't let a business owner, manager, or insurance company push you into downplaying the impact of a slip and fall accident. If you slipped and fell on icy, snowy, or wet pavement or flooring, you may need the help of an attorney to prevent severe financial fallout from your injury.

An attorney can help you after a slip and fall injury

Working with an experienced personal injury law firm can protect you after a slip and fall. They understand what information and evidence is needed to establish premise liability for your case. They also know how to negotiate with a business or its insurance company after a slip and fall accident. An experienced attorney can even help you file a civil suit to recover lost wages and medical expenses incurred due to a slip and fall.

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