Coping in the aftermath of mass shootings

Unfortunately, mass shootings in our country have become a terrifying reality. They can happen anywhere and at anytime, leaving our family members vulnerable to injury and death. If any situation defines what it means to suffer a wrongful death, it is a mass shooting. Victims of these situations are nearly always innocent and often are not connected to the shooter in any way.

Even residents of our beautiful and peaceful home, Oklahoma, are not necessarily safe from a determined mass shooter. In 1986, a part-time postal worker out of Edmond shot and killed 14 of his co-workers in the span of 10 short minutes. More recently, we have all listened in shock as the number of mass shootings and related fatalities have risen. We all wonder what is happening to our great nation but no one has much in the way of answers.

Those who are left struggling to cope in the aftermath of a mass shooting spree have few, if any, remedies. They are victims, plain and simple, and they deserve a way to hold the shooter responsible on a personal level.

School shootings, in particular cause a massive amount of pain and suffering. For those left behind, filing a civil lawsuit is often their only path to closure. However, these wrongful death and personal injury lawsuits have brought the bereaved under fire for supposedly dragging out the tragedy or "exploiting tragedy for money," according to an article published by the Public Broadcasting Service's Frontline program.

We would like to tell you that it is not wrong to file a claim in the wake of a wrongful death. If it brings you a measure of peace and lets you move forward, then it is probably the right thing to do. We urge you to find help if you are coping with a wrongful death and invite you to learn about your legal options by visiting our website.

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