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Failure of businesses to clear snow can cause a slip and fall

As the holidays loom, most people enjoy seeing a light covering of snow. However, when it comes to businesses, their sidewalks, entranceways, and parking areas, allowing a build up of snow could result in injury to their patrons. Snow is slippery in and of itself, but it may conceal a thin layer of ice underneath that increases the risk of a slip and fall accident.

Delayed signs of internal bleeding in car accidents

No matter how minor or severe a car accident is, it can still be a traumatic event. The human body can only withstand so much trauma before injuries occur. Sometimes these injuries are obvious, and victims quickly get the treatment they need. Other times, injuries are less obvious and symptoms may not manifest for hours or even days after the car accident. Internal bleeding caused by trauma is one such condition and can be life-threatening.

Is there anything truckers can do to avoid becoming tired?

It is safe to assume that truckers want to avoid truck accidents just as much as other motorists do. After all, they, too, could become injured, which would lead to medical expenses and missed work. It is also safe to assume that truck drivers do not want to be responsible for injuring other people.

Liability for fire-related injuries on another's property

Slip-and-fall accidents are among the most talked-about premises liability topics. This is probably because they are so common that lawyers like to make sure victims are familiar with the legal aspects of slips or falls. We have discussed these kinds of accidents in our injury blog as well, but today we would like to tackle another premises liability topic: fire on another person's property.

How do transportation companies cause accidents?

A semi-truck accident with a passenger vehicle can be extremely catastrophic. Giant 18-wheelers are heavy, slow moving, cumbersome and slow to stop. The difficulty involved with maneuvering them makes them prone to crashes and the crushing weight of the vehicles means that they will leave behind catastrophic damages whenever a crash occurs.

Coping in the aftermath of mass shootings

Unfortunately, mass shootings in our country have become a terrifying reality. They can happen anywhere and at anytime, leaving our family members vulnerable to injury and death. If any situation defines what it means to suffer a wrongful death, it is a mass shooting. Victims of these situations are nearly always innocent and often are not connected to the shooter in any way.