When airbags fail in a car accident

Faulty airbags have been a hot topic for the media over the last few years. This blog has even featured posts about airbags several times. This post will address the reasons an airbag might fail, and perhaps more importantly, what you can do about it if it happens to you.

Airbags have several main parts aside from the bag itself. These include a heating element, an explosive charge, an accelerometer, an inflator and a circuit. They can fail in a number of ways, each of them carrying the risk of injuring the victim. This is in addition to any injuries that may have occurred due to the car accident itself.

One of the main culprits in a faulty airbag is the inflator, which is often filled with propellant wafers. Sometimes inflators ignite with too great a force resulting in shrapnel propelled towards the person the airbag is meant to protect. Those who regulate the manufacture of airbags have discovered a number of causes for inflator malfunction including poor oversight during manufacturing.

When airbags fail due to manufacturer errors, the victim of a car accident may have compensation options other than, or in addition to, legal action against the other driver. Manufacturers are obligated to practice the right amount of oversight during production in order to release products that are safe for consumers. When they fail to do so, those injured because of improperly-manufactured airbags could have legal recourse to file a lawsuit.

Car accidents that lead to injury or death are always tragic. When a product designed to protect drivers and passengers causes even more injuries, the tragedy only multiplies. We at the Devinney Law Firm want to help educate Oklahoma residents about the many hazards associated with car accidents. Please continue reading our website to learn more.

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