Our top goals when representing victims of wrongful death

Lawsuits involving wrongful death are important because they address both the private and public interests of Oklahoma residents. Attorneys who take on wrongful death claims have made a commitment to serving both of these interests. The private side of such a suit is obvious: A family has lost a loved one due to the misconduct or negligence of one or more outside parties. The public side may be less obvious, but is equally as important: Pursuing the appropriate legal action against a party who has caused harm serves as an incentive to promote public safety and the overall protection of life.

Taking the private and public aspects of wrongful death into account, the attorney's top two goals are deterrence and compensation. Deterrence will serve all citizens of Oklahoma while compensation serves the private parties who have suffered a loss.

Trials involving the wrongful death of a person typically take place in a court local to the incident, which also serves both interests. Community members have a right to know when wrongful actions occur as well as how the law responds to such actions. As for the private side, a local jury may be more personally affected by the wrongful death of a community member and thus award as much compensation as possible to the survivors.

The staff of the Devinney Law Firm believes in the concept of serving private and public interests when a wrongful death has occurred. Our attorneys fight hard for the rights of victims while also advocating for public safety. Learn more about our commitment to the community by exploring our personal injury web pages.

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