Airbags may place motorists at risk for serious injury

One of the world's most popular automakers, Nissan, has just issued a massive recall for several types of vehicles over safety concerns. A potential problem with passenger-side airbags could lead to a failure to deploy, which may cause serious injury if these vehicles are involved in accidents. According to the details of the recall, over three million vehicles are affected by the issue. 

The passenger airbag is not supposed to deploy unless an adult is sitting in the seat. With this particular issue, the sensors may not detect the weight as they should, leading to airbag failure. According to the automaker, there have been at least three crashes that have been affected by this issue. They are offering car owners in Oklahoma and elsewhere the opportunity to have the parts replaced and software reprogrammed as needed.

Dangerous car parts can cause serious harm to innocent consumers. Airbag failure in particular can lead to serious injuries even in a low-speed impact. The models that may have faulty airbag sensors include Altima, Leaf, Maxima, Murano, Pathfinder, Sentra and Rogue. The NV200 and NV Taxi are also recalled as is the Chevrolet City Express.

Automakers can be held to account for serious injury done to Oklahoma drivers and passengers by dangerous, ineffective or defective car parts. After an incident, a victim should seek the opinion of a personal injury attorney in order to determine what legal options are available. It is possible to obtain compensation for the negligence of an auto manufacturer, and victims do not have to face the complex legal process alone.

Source:, "Nissan recalls 3.18 million cars in U.S. because of passenger airbag issue", May 1, 2016

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