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Recall initiated over problem that could cause car accidents

Oklahoma readers who own a newer Subaru vehicle should be aware of a recall that the automaker recently initiated over certain safety concerns. The automaker began this recall after it was discovered that there was a particularly dangerous issue with the steering column, placing drivers at risk for car accidents. This recall affects only the popular 2016 and 2017 Outback and Legacy models.

Protecting the rights of those hurt in truck accidents

There is no disputing the importance of trucks in the American economy, but as Oklahoma readers know, they can be dangerous and destructive in certain situations. Due to their weight and size, collisions involving semi trucks often cause serious or even fatal damage. Victims of truck accidents would be wise to act quickly to protect their rights and interests.

Oklahoma man involved in a fatal car crash that kills 1

As summer approaches, many throughout the United States are bringing out their motorcycles to enjoy the temperate weather. Motorcycles are an excellent way to travel during warmer months, but they are also fraught with danger due to the driver's exposure in the event of an accident. A recent fatal car crash in Oklahoma claimed the life of a young woman who was simply out for a relaxing ride with her parents.

Airbags may place motorists at risk for serious injury

One of the world's most popular automakers, Nissan, has just issued a massive recall for several types of vehicles over safety concerns. A potential problem with passenger-side airbags could lead to a failure to deploy, which may cause serious injury if these vehicles are involved in accidents. According to the details of the recall, over three million vehicles are affected by the issue.