Man warns of serious injury risk brought by reckless driving

An Oklahoma man is recovering from a very serious accident that could have resulted in his death. Because of his close call and the lengthy recovery that he now faces, he is speaking out, warning against the dangers of distracted driving and how it can result in death or serious injury. The man has no memory of what happened in the collision or how he ended up in the hospital, but he was on his motorcycle at the time of the crash.

According to reports of the accident, the man was on his motorcycle when another driver ran a red light. What ensued was a crash that destroyed his motorcycle and smashed his helmet. He was left with a broken vertebrae, broken nose and a broken leg. He has already endured a tremendous amount of suffering as a previous motorcycle accident forced an amputation of part of his leg.

While it is not clear if the other driver was indeed using a phone or texting at the time of the accident, the injured victim warns other drivers of the dangers that accompany distracted driving. The man and his wife also encourage Oklahoma drivers to slow down, not speed to make it through an intersection and check blind spots frequently. At this point, he faces an extended recovery and will likely require therapy and rehabilitation. 

Distracted driving is indeed one of the greatest dangers facing drivers, bikers and anyone on the road. Serious injury can follow just one second of distraction, and distracted drivers can be liable for any damages sustained in accidents that they cause. By working with an experienced attorney, an accident victim can better understand how to seek financial recovery.

Source:, "'Just slow down because it's not worth it': Family urging safety after series of motorcycle accidents", Lorne Fultonberg, April 3, 2016

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