Concussions: a common injury from car accidents

Despite the fact that a concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury (TBI), many accident victims suffer from this type of injury in silence. Concussions are one of the most common injuries suffered in car accidents, but due to the fact that some symptoms may not manifest until days or weeks later, they can be overlooked. These symptoms can last for an extended amount of time, lengthening a victim's recovery.

Oklahoma readers know that a concussion is a head injury, often sustained when the head comes into contact with a hard object. In a car accident, a person's head may slam into the steering wheel or other part of the vehicle, resulting in damage to the brain. While most concussions are minor, they can be painful and impact many areas of life while an accident victim tries to recover. 

Concussions are often characterized by headaches, loss of memory, trouble concentrating, difficulty performing daily tasks and vomiting. Oklahoma victims may also find themselves with ringing in the ears, blurred vision and chronic fatigue. Concussions often manifest differently from person to person, making it extremely important for medical treatment to be sought as soon as possible after an accident.

The effects of a concussion can result in financial loss from medical bills, lost wages from missed work and more. Those hurt in car accidents should not assume that an injury is too minor to be grounds for a personal injury claim, but should seek a legal opinion of their cases. Concussions may be considered minor injuries, but their impact should be taken seriously.

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