A third-party personal injury claim: The right choice for you?

A work accident can have a long-reaching impact, affecting quality of life for you and your family. When Oklahoma workers are injured on the job, they may assume that workers' compensation benefits are the only option for financial recovery, but they may have another choice. In some circumstances, a third-party personal injury claim may also be a valid way by which you can seek compensation after a work accident.

Your ability to file a third-party injury claim is contingent upon the circumstances of the work accident. These claims may be filed apart from a workers' compensation claim. Those who were injured by someone outside the company, defective equipment from an outside manufacturer or an accident while driving a work vehicle might give rise to the need for this specific type of civil claim.

We have extensive experience in cases where a third-party is liable for the pain and suffering of the worker. Through a prompt and in-depth investigation, we can determine what factors may have caused your accident. Workers' compensation may not be sufficient to cover all of your financial needs, but we can determine if there are other legal options available to you.

Medical bills and lost wages are just some of the costs that you may face after a work accident. It is important to have a full understanding of all of the options available to you, including the option for a third-party personal injury claim. Our Oklahoma legal team will tenaciously protect your rights and seek the recovery that you need and deserve.

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