Dangerous airbags lead to risk of serious injury

Many Oklahoma readers already know about the scandal involving Honda and Takata airbags, which has only increased as new information has come to light. According to new reports, Honda was aware of issues with defective airbags in certain model vehicles as early as 2009. The auto manufacturer initiated a massive recall of vehicles after it was revealed that the defective airbags posed the risk of serious injury.

A recent review of documentation from Takata, the maker of Honda's airbags, seems to indicate that Honda asked the company to make changes to its manufacturing process. Apparently, this request came after multiple injuries and one fatality were reported. According to the major automaker, the company was simply working to avoid future problems and litigation, not acknowledging that there was a major flaw with the airbags and vehicles.

It is not clear if Honda broke any laws by requesting changes to the airbags without reporting the problem. Honda and Takata, as well as other automakers, are facing lawsuits stemming from the defective airbags. At this point, 8.5 million vehicles have been recalled because of the defect.

Defective airbags and other faulty car parts can endanger innocent Oklahoma motorists and other road users, thus increasing the risk of serious injury. There have already been serious and fatal injuries associated with the faulty airbags, and more could follow. People who are harmed because of the negligence of an auto manufacturer (including the surviving families of fatal victims) have the right to seek legal recourse in order to recover their financial losses. After an accident, a case evaluation can identify what legal options are available.

Source: leftlanenews.com, "Honda, Takata were aware of faulty airbag design in 2009: Report [Update]", Drew Johnson, March 25, 2016

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