Accident illustrates the risk of car accidents caused by speeding

After a car accident in Harmon County, five Oklahoma teenagers were sent to the hospital for treatment of injuries. All were in the same vehicle, and it was reported that the driver was speeding at the time of the crash. This accident did result in injuries, but it could have been much worse, illustrating how speeding and reckless driving increases the risk of car accidents

The driver lost control of his vehicle due to his increased driving speeds. The vehicle left the road, but in his attempt to avoid a crash, he overcorrected and caused the vehicle to roll. The accident report indicates that the vehicle rolled twice. While all five of the occupants of the vehicle were taken to the hospital for medical treatment, one was admitted for treatment of injuries to her extremities.

Teen drivers are more prone to be involved in car accidents than any other demographic. Young drivers are more tempted by distractions while driving, such as texting, talking with passengers and more. Reckless behavior, such as drunk driving, is far too common, carrying a significantly increased risk for accidents and injuries.

When car accidents involve young drivers, Oklahoma victims, including passengers in the car, may assume that it is impossible to hold a teenager liable. A close examination of the case may determine that other parties may also be liable for the accident and pain and suffering, such as the parents or the person who owns the vehicle. Once the appropriate parties to sue are correctly identified, a victim can move forward to seek damages through a personal injury claim.

Source:, "Five Teens Hospitalized After Violent Accident in SW Oklahoma", March 7, 2016

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