Car and emotions: an increased chance of car accidents

When Oklahoma readers consider distracted driving, they may assume that it is always related to cell phone use of some kind. While texting, talking on the phone or other uses of smart phones are common culprits of car accidents, there are other things that can be just as distracting and dangerous. Studies found that strong emotions can also impact a person's ability to drive safely.

When drivers are sad, angry, agitated or actively crying, it may also impede their ability to drive safely. According to researchers, these drivers are 10 times more likely to be involved n a crash. By comparison, speeding increases the chance of an accident by 14 times. These statistics indicate that emotional driving is risky and can have serious, if not fatal, consequences. 

Readers will not be surprised to find that teen drivers are more susceptible to distracted driving than any other age group. While texting is often to blame, teen drivers have been caught changing clothes, doing school work and eating behind the wheel. When distracted or dangerous driving causes harm to innocent people, victims may seek the assistance of an attorney who can identify the cause of the crash and hold liable parties accountable.

Distracted driving of all kinds is dangerous, but Oklahoma victims have options. With a complete case evaluation, a victim or the family of a person who has been killed can better understand the legal remedies that may be available. Compensation cannot undo the damage that has been done, but it can help recover the financial losses associated with serious car accidents.

Source:, "Distracted Driving: Cell Phones, Car Touchscreens, And Emotional States Increase Your Risk Of Crashing", Lecia Bushak, Feb. 22, 2016

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