Car accidents and whiplash: common symptoms

Oklahoma readers know that neck and back injuries are some of the most common types of injuries suffered by car accident victims. Many victims of car accidents suffer from a condition known as whiplash, which is a neck injury that results from the rapid movement of the head and neck during an accident. Victims of this type of injury may not understand the extent of these injuries until days or weeks after the crash.

Victims of whiplash may suffer lingering headaches caused by damage to the cervical bone and neck joints. Compression of the nerves from a herniated disc can cause arm pain and heaviness of the limb. Sometimes this arm pain is referred from the neck. Lower back pain could also be a symptom of whiplash because of damage to the discs or back and neck joints. 

Whiplash may typically be considered a minor injury, but the impact that this injury can have on a victim can be considerable. Lingering pain and limited range of motion can lead to expensive medical bills and cause a victim to miss work. The eventual financial burden can be unmanageable, but a victim has options when these injuries are caused by the actions of another person. 

When car accidents cause pain and suffering, such as that endured by whiplash victims, it is important for victims to take steps to protect their legal rights. If another driver caused the accident, that individual can be liable for any resulting damages. A personal injury claim may be a legitimate way for a whiplash victim to seek compensation, and a case evaluation with an Oklahoma lawyer can determine appropriate legal steps.

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