Can reducing the risk of work injury increase productivity?

Work is stressful, no matter the occupation. New research indicates that many in the workplace feel unsafe, stressed about the potential of violence in the workplace.In Oklahoma and elsewhere, lack of safety and concern over potential hazards may actually decrease productivity. It is reasonable to suggest that by decreasing certain threats of work injury, employers may actually improve their bottom line.

Many people dismiss concerns over workplace violence. However, Occupational Safety and Health Administration statistics indicate that approximately two million people are victims of some type of workplace violence every year. Even concerns over safety issues not related to violence could be a factor impacting overall productivity.

It is a difficult task to keep a workplace safe, but business owners must make the effort to properly train employees on procedures in case of an emergency situation. Additionally, all safety hazards should be properly addressed and safety training should be a priority. When workers feel safe and prepared, they are able to focus on the task at hand, which in turn will increase productivity. Every Oklahoma employee has the right to a workplace that is safe and free from unnecessary hazards.

When workplace accidents do happen, it maybe helpful to seek the counsel of a lawyer who is experienced in workers' rights. An individual who has suffered a work injury has the right to a full recovery, and a lawyer can ensure that all rights are protected. It is recommended that a person seek a full case evaluation in order to understand available legal options.

Source:, "Workplace safety concerns impact productivity", Jim Kendall, Jan. 31, 2016

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