Oklahoma woman may file a claim for workers' compensation

An Oklahoma nurse is claiming that toxic exposure at work has made her sick. Readers may associate workers' compensation with injuries sustained in the workplace, but these benefits may also be obtained for sicknesses or diseases that were contracted due to work conditions. The woman in this case says that she was exposed to toxic mold at a nursing home. 

The woman worked at the home for two years. She claims that, at this point, she is unable to go inside the building. During the course of her employment, she says that she suffered from stomach issues, watery eyes and also displayed symptoms of respiratory problems. According to a doctor, she was displaying classic signs of mold exposure and mold toxicity.

The maintenance crew and administrators were informed of the problem. Pictures seem to indicate that there is black mold growing on the vents in a residence room. According to the administration, they cleaned the mold themselves, which is in compliance with standards put into place by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The woman wants to return to work, but she demands that a professional cleaning crew address the toxic mold issues before she goes back to her job.

When unsafe or unclean work spaces cause injury, illness or disease, victims have the right to seek workers' compensation benefits. These benefits are intended to cover medical expenses and other financial losses. An Oklahoma lawyer can help claimants seek rightful compensation by building strong cases on behalf of those needing financial support. The workers' compensation system is complex, and it should not be navigated alone. 

Source: news9.com, "Nurse Claims Toxic Mold From Work Made Her Sick", Karl Torp, Jan. 11, 2016

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