Drowsy driving and car accidents: a legitimate problem

Drunk driving is a highly publicized danger for innocent drivers on Oklahoma roads and across the country. There are even campaigns during which law enforcement will set up checkpoints and increase patrols in order to deter drunk driving. However, there are other dangers that present a legitimate hazard and increased risk of car accidents for every motorist on the road.

Drowsy driving is a real problem, even though it is rarely recognized as a major threat. There are no major campaigns against drowsy or fatigued driving, and it is virtually impossible for law enforcement to determine if a driver is too tired to safely operate a vehicle. For these reasons and more, drowsy driving may not be considered as a contributing factor in a car accident. 

Drivers who are tired are not only prone to fall asleep behind the wheel but may also display behaviors that are often associated with drunk driving. This includes swerving, driving erratically, leaving the proper lane or failing to acknowledge intersections. Drowsy driving accidents may be under reported because the cause is hard to identify, but victims of over-tired drivers still have legal options.

After an accident, a victim and family can benefit from the assistance of an Oklahoma lawyer who is experienced in complex cases pertaining to car accidents. With a complete case evaluation, it is possible to determine if certain parties are financially liable for the damages suffered in a crash. Victims of drowsy driving or any other dangerous driving behaviors have rights, including the right to seek financial compensation.

Source: nrd.nhtsa.dot.gov, "Drowsy Driving", Accessed on Jan. 4, 2016

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