Cleaning procedures can lead to a slip-and-fall accident

When an Oklahoma reader falls and suffers an injury in a public place, such as a store or restaurant, he or she may assume that clumsiness is to blame. In reality, a slip-and-fall accident is often the result of dangerous property conditions or negligent maintenance on the part of the property owner. In these types of circumstances, it can be wise to find out if an injury claim is a reasonable option.

Wet floors are one of the main culprits of slip-and-fall accidents. While it is necessary to mop solid-surface floors, it is typically safer to do this when there is lighter foot traffic. People often suffer unnecessary injuries because floors are wet during high-traffic periods or there is no wet floor sign placed in view of the public. Either way, property managers are responsible for protecting the safety of customers and guests.

Unfortunately, many places fail to frequently check walkways for hazards and dangers. Also, poorly placed display cases, loose tiles or even a freshly waxed floor places innocent people at risk for falls and injuries. Poor floor maintenance is inexcusable for a place that hosts the public, and slip-and-fall accident victims may have grounds to seek financial compensation. 

A slip-and-fall accident can result in lingering pain and suffering. Even a simple stumble can lead to back problems and expensive medical treatment. When an Oklahoma victim suffers because of dangerous property conditions, it is important to explore the possibility of an injury claim against the liable party. The aftermath of these injuries should not be faced alone.

Source:, "Review Floor Maintenance Procedures to Reduce Slip and Fall Incidents", Karen D. Hamel, Dec. 1, 2015

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