What benefits are available through workers' compensation?

When a person suffers an injury at work, he or she is entitled to certain benefits through workers' compensation. However, actually obtaining rightful workers' compensation benefits can be a complicated process, one that can involve confusing paperwork and even a denial of a claim. Injured Oklahoma workers have the right to a full recovery, both physically and financially.

Oklahoma workers are entitled to certain benefits that will help them achieve a full recovery. They are entitled to medical treatment and rehabilitation. If the medical needs of the injured worker require it, necessary medical maintenance can be sought. In cases in which the injured individual is unable to return to the same job due to the injuries suffered in a work accident or because of an illness related to work conditions, workers' compensation benefits also include vocational retraining. 

Some work injuries may leave a victim disabled. Depending on the individual circumstances, benefits available through Oklahoma's workers' compensation include temporary total disability, temporary partial disability, permanent partial disability and permanent total disability. In the unfortunate case of the death of a worker, beneficiaries are likely eligible for death benefits, which would cover funeral expenses and a portion of lost wages

Recovering rightful compensation is not always a simple task, but it can be easier with assistance. With the help of an experienced lawyer, an injured worker or the family of a deceased worker can appeal a denied claim or simply gain a better understanding of his or her rights under Oklahoma workers' compensation law. A case evaluation is the first step toward determining an appropriate course of action.

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