Not using seatbelt can lead to serious injury in car accidents

After the death of a teenager in a rural Oklahoma accident, police are reminding drivers and passengers on the importance of driving safely. The accident occurred as a truck collided with a Jeep with three teenagers inside. The impact threw one victim from the vehicle, and the other two teens suffered from serious injury.

The fatal accident was caused because a truck failed to yield to the Jeep. It is not immediately clear why the driver failed to do so, but the accident did happen in a rural area. Whether the driver did not see the oncoming vehicle, was distracted for another reason or was speeding, it is possible that he or she could be found financially liable for the injuries suffered by the two girls in the vehicle and the deceased teenager. 

In rural areas where there is not much traffic, drivers are still responsible for properly following the rules of the road. The driver of the truck was not charged with any crime, but the teenagers apparently did have the right of way at the intersection. Just because the driver is not charged with a crime, however, does not mean that the injured Oklahoma victims and family of the deceased victim do not have grounds for a civil claim. 

After a car accident, any victim suffering serious injury or the family of a deceased victim may benefit from the assistance of a lawyer. An initial case evaluation can determine what options may be available regarding a personal injury or wrongful death claim. While compensation cannot undo the damage that has been done, it can help cover medical expenses and other documented financial losses.

Source:, "Teen dies in rural car wreck", Lorne Fultonberg, Sept. 18, 2015

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