Roll-over accident causes serious injury to passenger of pickup

Impaired driving remains a menace on Oklahoma roads. Unfortunately, it is often the passengers of intoxicated drivers that suffer serious injury or worse. A 30-year-old passenger was admitted to the hospital in critical condition after the alleged drunk driver of the vehicle he was in caused a roll-over accident.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol prepared a preliminary accident report, noting that the accident occurred in clear and dry weather conditions on a recent Monday night. A 24-year-old pickup truck driver who was heading west on a road in Le Flore County veered off the road. Her overcorrection apparently caused the pickup to roll over onto one side.

One of her two passengers was partially ejected, and the vehicle landed on top of him. Responders from the fire department managed to free the victim, and he was rushed to the hospital with multiple critical injuries. The pickup truck driver and the second passenger reportedly suffered no injuries.

Although the accident investigation has not been completed yet, the authorities believe that alcohol played a part in this wreck. Details regarding the driver's claimed blood alcohol content were not reported. It was apparently determined that the driver's abilities were impaired due to alcohol consumption. The passenger of the pickup truck who suffered the serious injury is entitled to pursue compensation for medical expenses, along with other documented financial losses. By successfully presenting evidence of negligence on the part of the driver, a personal injury claim in an Oklahoma civil court may result in a monetary award for specified items of monetary damage.

Source:, "Mena Man Listed In Critical Condition After Traffic Accident In LeFlore County", Aug. 5, 2015

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