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Wal-Mart sued for premises liability after woman allegedly slips

Oklahoma residents may not normally expect to get injured at a public place like Wal-Mart. However, accidents can and do happen at any given time and in any place. This is true even in locations where it seems as if there would not be a risk of injury. A woman has recently filed a premises liability lawsuit after she allegedly slipped and fell in the bathroom at a Wal-Mart in another state.

Motorcyclist hit by uninsured driver, suffers serious injury

Motorcycle accidents are traumatic and often result in a serious injury, especially for the motorcyclist. What can be more daunting than the accident itself is the long recovery time for a serious injury. Recently, a motorcycle accident victim in Oklahoma has not only been uprooted from his daily routine, but he is dealing with the stress of being hit by an uninsured driver.

Roll-over accident causes serious injury to passenger of pickup

Impaired driving remains a menace on Oklahoma roads. Unfortunately, it is often the passengers of intoxicated drivers that suffer serious injury or worse. A 30-year-old passenger was admitted to the hospital in critical condition after the alleged drunk driver of the vehicle he was in caused a roll-over accident.

Criminal charges filed after fatal car crash in Oklahoma

The dangers of drinking and driving are well known. However, it may be easy for people who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol to disregard the possible effects of their decisions to get behind the wheel. Unfortunately, four people have died in a fatal car crash in Oklahoma believed to have been caused by a drunk driver. The only survivor now faces criminal charges.