Are modern drivers at a greater risk for car accidents?

Advances in technology often provide great benefits such as medical treatments and better educational tools. However, many of these advances can pose a risk to the average citizen, as seen in the startling number of distracted driving car accidents. Oklahoma readers may be aware of these risks and feel less safe on the roads due to the distractions faced by modern drivers. 

A poll taken by the AAA Foundation Traffic Safety Culture Index indicates that drivers certainly feel less safe than they did a decade ago. Statistics prove that these fears are not unfounded, as distracted driving contributes to approximately 5,000 deaths every year. Distracted driving is most commonly related to phone use while driving, but can also include behaviors such as adjusting the radio, talking to another passenger or even putting on makeup.

Studies indicate that young drivers are more prone to distraction behind the wheel. When driving, it is estimated that teenagers are distracted about one-fourth of the time. This habit places this age group at a higher risk of car accidents and even fatal injuries, but it should be noted that any distracted driver, no matter the age, is a hazard to all other drivers and passengers. 

Oklahoma drivers may feel less safe than they did five or 10 years ago, but that does not mean that they have to be voiceless victims. When distracted drivers cause car accidents, they can be held accountable for their reckless and negligent behavior. Injured victims and families of those who died would be wise to protect their rights by seeking a case evaluation with an attorney. 

Source:, "Distracted Driving", Accessed on July 6, 2015

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