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Was your workers' compensation claim denied? Know your rights.

A work accident can result in life-long consequences for the injured worker and his or her family. Even a seemingly minor injury can impact a victim's ability to return to work or perform the same tasks as before. These circumstances can lead to financial difficulty, especially if a workers' compensation claim has been denied. 

Premises liability victim claims head injury from unsecured pole

Oklahoma store owners are expected to exercise reasonable care when maintaining their stores' premises. Consumers need to be safe from potentially hazardous conditions, hidden dangers and other situations that could possibly cause harm. When this does not happen, it can result in serious injury or possibly even death, and the store owner may be able to be held responsible via a premises liability claim.

Workplace accident leaves two men seriously injured

Oklahoma residents do not have to work in the oil industry to know that it can be dangerous. Most of the state's oil companies do what they can to protect their workers from a workplace accident. However, workers can still be injured even at the safest work sites.

Are modern drivers at a greater risk for car accidents?

Advances in technology often provide great benefits such as medical treatments and better educational tools. However, many of these advances can pose a risk to the average citizen, as seen in the startling number of distracted driving car accidents. Oklahoma readers may be aware of these risks and feel less safe on the roads due to the distractions faced by modern drivers. 

Workers burned, killed in workplace accident involving a heater

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has determined that a recent deadly accident on an Oklahoma natural gas rig was related to an open-flame heater. Three employees were killed in the explosion, and two were seriously injured in the workplace accident. OSHA stated that this accident was completely preventable and was unnecessarily caused by hazardous conditions.